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Get a Tax Resolution Development Plan from us first before you attempt to deal with the IRS. You would meet with Board Certified Tax Attorney Jeffrey B. Kahn at the office location most convenient to you. Jeff will review your situation and go over your options and best strategy to resolve your tax problems. This is more than a mere consultation. You will get the strategy or plan to move forward to resolve your tax problems! Jeff’s office can set up a date and time that is convenient for you and take your credit card information to charge the $600.00 session fee which secures your appointment. By the end of your Tax Resolution Development Plan Session, if you desire to hire us to implement the strategy or plan, Jeff would quote you our fees and apply in full the $600.00 charge for the Tax Resolution Development Plan Session.

Our qualified will lawyers can structure living trusts, irrevocable trusts, charitable devises and bequests, and wills to maximize the transfer of assets to your beneficiaries. Thoughtful estate planning with the help of a California probate attorney can be a gift that saves your family confusion and disagreements at a time of grief.

The estate tax can take almost one-half of an estate without proper planning.This is why a tax attorney is so important. Under current law, the scheduled estate tax rates and exemptions as established on June 7, 2001 by President Bush under the Economic Growth and Tax Reconcilliation Act of 2001 are as follows:

Year Top Gift & Estate Tax Rate Gift Tax Exemption Amount Applicable Exclusion Amount GST Tax Rate GST Exemption Amount
2006 46% $1 million $2 million 46% $2 million
2007 45% $1 million $2 million 45% $2 million
2008 45% $1 million $2 million 45% $2 million
2009 45% $1 million $3.5 million 45% $3.5 million
2010 0 estate tax / 35% gift tax $1 million N/A 0 N/A
2011 and beyond 55% $1 million $1 million 55% $1 million (inflation adjusted)

An Orange County tax lawyer can help. We have extensive experience planning in this ever-changing rate and exemption environment. We can show you a range of estate tax planning techniques, from traditional planning all the way to aggressive plans that can significantly reduce the estate tax burden.

Business owners in particular should be concerned about the estate tax on the ability to keep a business within a family. A San Francisco tax lawyer can show business owning families many techniques that will allow businesses to be kept within a family.

For a prompt evaluation of your situation, we encourage you to complete our Estate Planning Questionnaire or call us toll-free at 866.494.6829 to reach a San Diego tax lawyer today.