Free Tax Debt Analysis

    Are the IRS and other tax authorities breathing down your neck? We have the expertise in dealing with the tax problems that arise with these agencies. It is our standard to provide carefully tailored, correct, and complete tax help.

    There is no universal handbook for resolving tax controversy issues with the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities, as each tax problem has unique facts and circumstances. We formulate case-specific solutions and help you exercise your rights to find a no-bankruptcy solution to any tax problem. This might include negotiating an offer in compromise, setting up an IRS installment agreement, stopping a tax levy, and other resolutions to your IRS liability.

    When you need IRS help, consider having us on your side. Our law firm will deal with the IRS and state tax agencies so you don’t have to, and we will aggressively pursue the best possible IRS debt relief option(s) to fix your problem and protect your income and assets.

    Through our Northern California offices in Walnut Creek, San Francisco, San Jose, Fairfield and San Rafael and our Southern California offices in Los Angeles, Newport Beach and San Diego, all matters are confidentially handled by our professional staff, resulting in high quality, cost-effective service.

    We are ready to help identify the best possible solution to your tax problems. For prompt inquiry and intervention, you may contact us. You can also call us at 866.494.6829.

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