All communications between you and our office – whether oral, in the form of fax transmission, written correspondence or by e-mail – are strictly confidential. If our office is ultimately not engaged by you to render service, all inquiries and communications shall remain confidential. Should you engage our services, this confidentiality provision shall continue; all prior and future communications as well as work product originated by our office or by any of our designated agents shall be protected under attorney-client privilege.

Secure Submission of Information:

All information submitted to our office by e-mail is transmitted via secure connection to our secure server with access limited to our professional staff. All fax transmissions are received through our server that is securely located in our private office. No persons other than our professional staff have access to these transmissions.


We affirm that your name, e-mail address or any other personal information that you furnish to us will never be sold, given away, rented, loaned or otherwise given out to any person or party, public or private, without your express consent.

Our Commitment:

We take your privacy seriously. If you feel at any time that the confidentiality of your inquiry, information or communication has been compromised, please write to Jeffrey B. Kahn, Esq. for immediate attention.