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If you have tax problems, why should you hire a tax attorney instead of calling IRS on your own?

Through my years in this profession, that is one of the most commonly asked or thought about questions.

Usually a taxpayer’s attention to his or her tax problems stems from a notice generated by some department of the IRS (which may look extremely intimidating) demanding that the taxpayer immediately contact either the Revenue Officer or Collection Agent regarding back taxes or some other tax issue.

The taxpayer’s response is usually rash to contact the IRS on their own without even thinking about representation at that time.  This decision by the taxpayer can be detrimental to the issue at hand.

This is because the taxpayer does not realize that the Revenue Officer or Collection Agent has one goal in mind and that is to collect as much information from you to make their job easier.  And what is their job? – to take some sort of aggressive collection action against the taxpayer or to get the taxpayer to commit to a payment plan that is unrealistic to maintain.  When the taxpayer cannot make a payment, the plan may lead into default and the IRS will then look at other avenues of collecting from you – liens, levies and asset seizures.

I have heard in many cases where taxpayers would say to me, I have no problem dealing with the Revenue Officer myself because he or she is so friendly and sweet to me and even seems to care about my situation.  But then a month or so later the same taxpayer will come back to me in tears that the same Revenue Officer has levied their bank account or garnished their wages.  That’s when they say I should have listened to you and let your firm deal directly with the IRS.

The tax attorneys of the Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. located in Los Angeles and California know exactly what to say and handle the IRS.  Our experience and expertise not only levels the playing field but also puts you in the driver’s seat as we take full control of resolving your tax problems.

Description: The Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. has helped many people avoid collection action by the IRS and State tax agencies. Working with a tax attorney in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California is the best bet for reducing or eliminating the amount you owe.

Request A Case Evaluation Or Tax Resolution Development Plan

Get a Tax Resolution Development Plan from us first before you attempt to deal with the IRS. You would meet with Board Certified Tax Attorney Jeffrey B. Kahn at the office location most convenient to you. Jeff will review your situation and go over your options and best strategy to resolve your tax problems. This is more than a mere consultation. You will get the strategy or plan to move forward to resolve your tax problems! Jeff’s office can set up a date and time that is convenient for you and take your credit card information to charge the $600.00 session fee which secures your appointment. By the end of your Tax Resolution Development Plan Session, if you desire to hire us to implement the strategy or plan, Jeff would quote you our fees and apply in full the $600.00 charge for the Tax Resolution Development Plan Session.