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Learning that you and/or your business is under investigation by the IRS is unnerving and alarming. But more than that, it’s a serious warning because:

  • You Have Certainly Been Under Investigation for Several Months – and Possibly Years
  • Your Civil Tax Investigation Can Become a Criminal Tax Case at Any Moment
  • Voluntary Disclosure May Backfire if You Make the Wrong Decisions
  • The Information-Gathering Process Has Not Stopped and is Not Slowing Down 

While time is of the essence, the good news is that you still have options — provided that you take action immediately. And the smartest, safest and simplest way to move forward without spending a cent or incurring any risk is by downloading our free ebook: “What to do if You Are Being Investigated by the IRS

In this critically important ebook written by an experienced attorney who specializes in complex and sensitive tax matters, you will learn:

  • How the IRS defines “informants” and what this means to your case
  • The crucial differences between IRS Agents and Special Agents
  • What to do if you or a third-party receives a summons
  • Warning signs that your case is heading towards a criminal referral
  • Tactics that the IRS will use to get you to incriminate yourself
  • Why confiding in your accountant, bookkeeper or financial advisor can be catastrophic
  • How to properly invoke your right to counsel — even under pressure 

REMEMBER: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Inaction is NOT an option. The investigation process is well underway and can conclude at any moment. Download our ebook now by filling out the form on the right and get the vital information you need before the IRS files civil or criminal charges. Your download is instant and 100% free!