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What Signs To Be On The Lookout For That You May Be Subject To An IRS Criminal Investigation.

A simple mistake, oversight, or your accountant’s malpractice may trigger an IRS criminal investigation. Specifically, unreported income, a false statement, the use of an impermissible accounting or banking service, or declaring too many deductions are things that could initiate an audit, which could then rise to the level of an IRS criminal investigation. The tax […]

Badges of Fraud: What Sets the Alarms Off at the IRS?

A new client once came to me saying she had made an error in preparing her tax return and inadvertently took a deduction to which she was not entitled. “Will I go to jail if I’m audited?” The answer of course, is no. If that were the case, you might as well surround the country […]

Tales From An X-IRS Agent

It is usually impossible to get the inside scoop of how the IRS is looking at taxpayers but sometimes a retired IRS agent will provide me with some valuable insight. Before I go into this, let’s cover some of the basics about the structure of the IRS. Generally, there are four classes of employees at […]

IRS Traps Gentlemen’s Club Owner Who Filed False Tax Returns And Maintained Two Sets Of Books.

You can’t have it both ways. More than one small business owner has either underreported his income or overstated his business expenses in order to save on income taxes. But that can come back to haunt them when they go to sell the business. While not universally true, most buyers base their offer on the […]

How To Stay Out Of Jail: Lessons To Learn From The “Queen Of IRS Tax Fraud”

Crime doesn’t pay. Despite using money from crime to temporarily fund a lavish lifestyle, Rashia Wilson of Tampa, Florida, learned her lesson the hard way before a Federal District Court Judge in July 2013 when she was sentenced to 21 years of prison for Tax Fraud and Weapons Charges. She is also ordered to pay […]

IRS Trolling Social Media Looking For Tax Evaders

Thanks to Big Data analysis and digital information-gathering tactics, the IRS employs a more watchful eye than ever especially with the fiscal challenges faced by the Federal government, the pressure for the IRS to recover lost revenue has never been higher. Conveniently enough, the IRS has made massive investments in its computing power and tools for […]

What Tax Crimes Can The IRS Charge You With?

Unlike a civil tax examination, a criminal tax investigation has little to do with the assessment of additional tax. The purposes of a criminal investigation are (1) to detect suspected criminal tax offenses and (2) to refer those offenses for criminal prosecution. The government’s goal is to obtain a conviction that results in imprisonment, fines, […]