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Amending a Filing Will Not Trigger an Audit

There is a common belief that if you amend your tax return, you are raising a red flag for an IRS tax lawyer to trigger a review of your return. In fact, many people won’t correct an incorrect, previously-filed

tax return because they are afraid of a potential audit. This is the wrong approach to take. The Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. urges you to correct any errors on past tax returns in order to avoid potential problems in the future.

The reality is that you won’t trigger an audit by amending a previous tax return. If the IRS did this, it would be a major deterrent for taxpayers to correct mistakes or update previous tax filings with new information. The IRS wants people to pay the right amount in taxes and not overpay or underpay. Allowing taxpayers the chance to work with an Orange County tax lawyer to amend their previous filings makes sense for the IRS as well as taxpayers.

An amended tax filing will go through the same audit review process as any other filing. If you are concerned about how a change in your filing status might impact an audit review, make sure to provide a detailed description of why you are changing your filing status on your Form 1040X.

Not only will you not automatically trigger a tax audit by amending your tax return, you may leave yourself open to serious issues in the future if you don’t correct a tax filing. Not correcting a filing can be viewed similarly as willingly making a false tax filing and could open you up for major consequences that require a criminal tax attorney.

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