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Here you will find useful information related to IRS tax debt, collections, and resolutions and other legal problems.

Dealing with IRS back taxes or other legal problems can be stressful. However, the knowledge gained here can give you the confidence and power to take back control from the IRS or have a better understanding of the legal problems you may be facing. If you find that you still need further assistance with your problem, you can contact an income tax attorney. Our IRS lawyers can be reached at 866.494.6829. You may also complete our contact request form and one of our representatives will provide you with a free and confidential analysis.


When it comes to finding a resolution to IRS tax debts or other legal problems, people often have hundreds of questions. To help your understanding, we organized a collection of the most frequently asked questions our law firm receives and the accompanying answers which are broken down by the following categories:


A lot of terminology gets thrown around when it comes to discussing IRS tax liabilities and other legal problems. To help people stay informed during any legal-related conversation, we put together an extensive glossary of the most common legal and tax-related terms which are broken down by the following categories

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