Free Tax Debt Analysis

What is Business Law?

Business law is a general term for legal counseling regarding all facets of business formation, organization and counseling. We typically counsel clients regarding all business transactions, and we also mediate business disputes to avoid litigation.

What Business Law Services Do We Provide?

We provide counseling ranging from planning to start your business to dissolution strategies, and everywhere in between. We counsel clients on the proper entity formation strategy, organizational structure, capitalization, governmental requirements, long-term planning strategies, contract review, and provide counseling on a host of other important issues.

How do I know which Entity to Form?

We will consider every relevant fact you provide to determine the appropriate entity choice. We assist clients with the formation of partnerships (general, limited, LLP, and family limited partnerships), corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), and provide all the necessary services to bring these entities to life.

What if I have an Existing Business?

We offer many services for clients with existing businesses. Depending on your particular circumstances, you may need to change the entire organizational structure of your business, resolve a dispute within your business, transfer shares of your business, execute a necessary contract, franchise your business, hold an annual meeting for your corporation, or any other need. During your free initial consultation, we will discuss your particular needs.

How much do your services cost?

Many people think that they cannot afford to hire a tax attorney to assist them with their legal matters. They are wrong! The great news is that we have made our fees very affordable.

We know that many of our clients are under a great deal of financial stress. Therefore, we try to work with our clients as much as possible by allowing them the opportunity to pay their legal fees to us over time. This is important so you know for sure how much you will pay even before you hire us!

As you can imagine, the amount of our legal fees depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. Also, our fees vary depending on the type of service you hire us to perform for you. In certain circumstances, we may take your case under a contingency or modified contingency or flat-free basis.

It is very important that you contact us to receive your free and confidential analysis. Why? It is during your analysis that we will discuss the fees that we will charge for legal representation. We quote fees only after learning enough information about your situation and the type of service that we may be able to provide you. You should be cautious of any professional who quotes their fees to you before fully learning about your situation.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Call our offices toll-free at 866.494.6829 or send us an email for your free and confidential analysis.