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If you dread the possibility of an IRS audit, then you certainly aren’t alone! Regardless of your specific details and issues, the prospect of a tax audit is stressful and complex — and if you aren’t careful, it can be extremely costly as well. This is because for all tax years under audit, you must:

  • Explain the nature of all sources of income, and substantiate all expenses and deductions.
  • Be aware that any additional taxes and interest you agree to pay the IRS will likely be matched by the State.
  • Avoid unintentionally damaging your case by saying or doing the wrong thing – which could even trigger a criminal investigation. 

However, while your situation is serious and time is of the essence, going into “panic mode” is only going to make things worse. What you need right now are hard facts, reliable insights and strategic guidance. And you will get all of them by downloading our FREE ebook “How to Prevent an IRS Audit From Becoming Your Worst Nightmare.”

This easy-to-read and information-packed ebook is written by an experienced tax attorney who has helped numerous clients successfully solve their tax issues – and prevent an IRS audit from turning into a stressful and costly scenario that can last for years. For example, you will discover:

  • Why failing to respond to an audit notice is an enormous mistake.
  • That contrary to popular belief, the burden of proof during an audit is on you – not the IRS.
  • What the IRS is really targeting during an audit – and why you may have raised some red flags
  • The different types of audits, and which are more invasive and involved.
  • Options and timeframes for appealing the findings of an audit.
  • Why your choice of representation during an audit or appeal is critical to your outcome.

REMEMBER: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Whether you were selected at random or you have been on the IRS’ radar for a while, the fact remains that a tax audit is 100% in your future. The IRS will not forget or get too busy, and your file will not fall through the cracks. 

As such, your goal is to get through this process as quickly and painlessly as possible, and at minimal overall long-term cost. Download our ebook now and get the vital information you need to take control of this situation before it potentially spirals into a nightmare. Your download is instant and 100% free.