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If you need tax relief, consider engaging our Tax Advisory Service (TAS). The TAS is designed to help taxpayers that need specific information about the status of their account with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state tax agencies. Many taxpayers complain about receiving inconsistent or incomplete information from the IRS and state tax agencies. This service provides taxpayers with clear and concise information about the status of their IRS accounts and accounts with state tax agencies and also lays the foundation to take control of your tax problems.
As part of our Tax Advisory Service, a tax relief attorney will provide you with a year-by-year breakdown detailing how much is owed for each particular tax year. Additionally, we detail the total amount owing calculated 30 days into the future with instructions on how to properly send payment to the IRS and state tax agencies, in the event that you wish to full pay your account balance. An IRS tax lawyer can also assist in the setting up an IRS payment plan or a payment plan with your state. Many of our clients are actually surprised to learn they owe less money to the IRS and state tax agencies than previously believed.

A tax law lawyer can also determine whether the IRS and state tax agencies have the correct record of all your tax returns. Many taxpayers assume that just because they “filed” a tax return it was received and processed. Unfortunately, there are stories each year of tax returns being lost, not processed, or even stolen. If the IRS and state tax agencies don’t show that a tax return was filed in their records then they could file one for you, which might result in a tax liability with the IRS and state tax agencies.

The IRS and state tax agencies have a limited amount of time to collect back taxes, called the statute of limitations. With our Tax Advisory Service, we find out exactly when tax debts will expire. This information is especially useful for taxpayers that have older tax liabilities or are on a Currently Not Collectible status with the IRS and state tax agencies.

Moreover, we can determine whether the IRS has filed a federal tax lien. An IRS tax lien attaches to all property and may appear on a credit report. Knowing in advance whether you have a tax lien prepares you for situations if you plan to sell a secured piece of property or apply for credit.

What Errors Might We Discover?

  • Missing Tax Payments
  • Missing Tax Return Filings
  • Tax Payments Applied to the Wrong Period
  • IRS Overstating or Duplicating Income
  • IRS Disregarding Tax Deductions and/or
  • Basis In Assets Sold Resulting in a Higher Tax Liability
  • Incorrect Amount and Type of Penalties Imposed
  • Unlawful Filing of Tax Liens and Tax Levies
  • Continued IRS Enforcement Despite Expired Collection Statutes
  • Unlawful Assessment of Trust Fund Liability
  • Unlawful Income Tax Assessments
  • IRS Failing to Follow Due Process
  • Unlawful State Tax Assessments and Incorrect Outstanding Balances

What Is Our Fee for This Service?

A flat rate of $1,500.00 is the charge for this service. For your convenience and our immediate response, payment may be made by VISA or MasterCard.

What Is Included In This Service?

  1. We fax a power of attorney to the IRS Central Authorization File Unit which is posted in the IRS database. This way all employees of the IRS are supposed to contact us before they contact you and we can speak directly with IRS officials on your behalf.
  2. We pull official transcripts of the IRS record of account for all of the past years. This way we see what the IRS has on you and obtain the status of each problem year.
  3. We pull wage and income records to see what income was reported to them.
  4. We decide when it’s appropriate to make further contact to the IRS and ask for a deadline and their agreement not to take new collection action prior to the deadline. If a Revenue Officer is assigned your case, we will contact that person directly to seek their agreement to suspend new collection action.
  5. We coordinate the preparation of your outstanding returns using the information we pull from the IRS records.
  6. If you live in a state with state income taxes, we follow the same procedure as described above with your state tax agency.
  7. Once the returns are filed by the deadline, we will work out your best solution, whether it is a Payment Plan, an Offer In Compromise, or an Extension To Pay. You may even qualify to be placed in an Uncollectible Status.

What If We Find Errors In Your Favor?

Upon review of your account with the IRS and state tax agency, you will be notified of our findings and provided with all available options for resolving your IRS and state tax agency problems. If you require additional services, the entire initial payment of $1,300.00 will be applied toward the charge of such additional services such as:

  • Appealing IRS Collection Actions
  • Negotiating IRS Payment Plans
  • Applying for an Offer In Compromise
  • Resolving your account with the state tax agency

Because we deal with the IRS and state tax agencies on a routine basis, we have the knowledge and expertise to uncover errors and advise you on options for resolving your tax problems. You should not rely on what IRS officials or state tax officials may say, as their actions ultimately are in the government’s best interest. As your advocate, we work in your best interest and uncover solutions that might not otherwise be presented to you.

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