Looking To Appeal An Audit Report To The IRS Office Of Appeals? Let us help you

When taxpayers disagree with the findings of their IRS audits, they may usually appeal to the IRS Office Of Appeals. The IRS agent will issue a “30-day Letter” to a taxpayer, which essentially provides the taxpayer with up to 30 days to file a Tax Protest requesting his or her case be heard by an Appeals Officer.

The Office Of Appeals is independent of any other IRS office and provides a venue where disagreements concerning the application of tax law can be resolved on a fair and impartial basis for both the taxpayer and the government. The Appeals Officer will take a fresh look at the case and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the issues in your case. The advantage of appealing your IRS audit to this level provides us with the opportunity to reach a mutually acceptable settlement without expensive and time-consuming court trials.

Using a tax attorney to help with an appeal can significantly increase your chances of getting a better outcome. Many times individuals don’t realize that appeals can go both ways, you may actually end up being owed money after the appeal. A tax attorney can analyze your situation and find the best approach to take in order to get the best outcome. The IRS actually prefers working with professional tax representatives because it makes their job easier and helps the process move along more efficiently, which can actually result in a more favorable decision.

We will communicate directly with the Appeals Officer and build a persuasive case on your behalf because we know how to present your case with legal argument and tax authority. Of course, if we cannot reach agreement with the Appeals Officer, then we have the opportunity to appeal the case to the U.S. Tax Court.

Description: The Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. has helped many people minimize or avoid adjustments from IRS appeals. Working with a tax attorney is the best bet for minimizing adjustments that would create liability to the IRS

Appealing the Results of a Tax Audit

Every taxpayer who is being examined in a tax audit has the right to dispute the auditor’s final determination.  You do not have to accept the auditor’s findings if you believe any or all of the adjustments are wrong and/or penalties should not be imposed.  Your best bet is to contact a California tax attorney who can effectively start the appeals process. Many people who have lost an IRS audit have seen the amount they owe in taxes reduced or even eliminated after hiring a tax lawyer in San Diego or elsewhere to help with them challenge the auditor’s decision.

Once the auditor issues the final determination, you have up to 30 days to file an appeal with the IRS. By working with a tax attorney, an effective and complete written protest letter is prepared and filed with the IRS Office Of Appeals challenging the determination. The IRS Office Of Appeals is a division of IRS that is separate from the Examination Division that performed your initial audit. This is done to ensure a level of transparency and fairness during the appeals process.  Within the next few months the IRS Office Of Appeals will notice you and your representative that the appeal as been assigned to an Appeals Officer.

The appeals process can be complex especially when the issues involve the correct interpretation and application of sometimes archaic tax provisions.  Therefore, you want to make sure you are prepared for your appeals hearing in order to secure the most favorable result. This includes collecting all of your relevant tax records and information ahead of time. You’ll also want to try and get as much information about the original tax audit as possible. You can file a Freedom of Information Act request on the auditor’s records — this will let you know the information they based their original decision on.

Even if your appeal has been denied or you disagree with the decision of the Appeals Officer, you are not out of options. The Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. can help you to file a Petition in Tax Court to get the amount you owe reduced or eliminated. Many people who have lost their appeal have had the amount of their tax debt lowered by disputing the proposed adjustments in Tax Court.

The Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. has helped many people appeal their tax audit. Working with a tax attorney is the best bet for reducing or eliminating the amount you owe.

Small Business Owners Can “Fast Track” Audit Process

The Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. has some news of particular interest to small business owners. The Internal Revenue Service has given small businesses a chance to expedite the audit process with its new Fast Track Settlement program. Under the terms of the program announced by the IRS in November 2013, small business owners can work with their IRS audit attorney to avoid the formal litigation or administrative appeal process. In most cases, the FTS program means that audit issues are taken care of within 60 days.

The Fast Track Settlement program is modeled on a program that has previously existed for medium-sized and large-sized businesses with more than $10 million in annual income. A pilot version of the program started in 2006 and was expanded in 2008 and the IRS is now extending it to all small business owners.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Fast Track Settlement program doesn’t guarantee a positive resolution to your dispute which is why you’ll still want to hire IRS tax attorneys who understand the regulations to fight on your behalf. But what this program offers is to speed up the entire process, saving small businesses from potentially lengthy and costly litigation.

Although the Fast Track Settlement is presided over by an IRS appeals officer who is supposed to be acting as a “neutral party”, that Appeals Officer will not be able to provide you with any guidance or advice.  Because of this, it’s a good idea to work with an experienced San Diego tax lawyer with the Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. to represent you during this phase of the process.